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Magnetic Island at Mercure Hotel Townsville

Townsville activities and attractions

Discover the fascinating attractions and exhilarating activities to be found throughout Townsville, North Queensland. From our convenient setting just minutes from the town centre, the Mercure Hotel Townsville is the ideal choice for soaking up everything the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. 

Tucked between the hills and Cleveland Bay, Townsville is a cosmopolitan yet quiet and easygoing seaside town with beautifully renovated 19th century buildings, world-class museums, a massive aquarium, breathtaking diving waters, two major sporting teams and vibrant restaurants and nightlife. 

When planning your Townsville adventure, rely on our friendly staff to guide you to the most popular tourist attractions and recreational activities just moments from the Mercure Hotel Townsville.  


Magnetic Island at the Mercure Hotel Townsville

Magnetic Island

If your idea of paradise is clear blue waters, sleepy koalas dotting plentiful gum trees and a laid-back, island feel, Magnetic Island could be your perfect destination.

Beach at Mercure Hotel Townsville

The Strand

This beachfront promenade is lined with palm trees and designed with vacation in mind…

Reef HQ at Mercure Hotel Townsville

Reef HQ

This is not your usual aquarium! Reef HQ proudly shows off the largest living coral reef and lets you get up close and personal with coral, fish, sea stars, sea cucumbers, brittle stars and more.

Billabong Sanctuary at Mercubi Sotel Townsville

Billabong Sanctuary

Want to feed a kangaroo or hold a wombat? Visit the Billabong Sanctuary, known as one of the best interactive wildlife parks in Australia.

Crystal Creek at Mercure Hotel Townsville

Crystal Creek

Both Little Crystal Creek and Big Crystal Creek offer stunning scenery, cool bubbly streams, shady picnic spots and plenty of family fun.

Maritime Museum at Mercure Hotel Townsville

Maritime Museum

History buffs, maritime lore buffs and plain old tourists will enjoy poking around this waterfront museum that is filled with stories of bravery and high times on the seas.

Museum of Tropical Queensland at Mercure Hotel Townsville

Museum of Tropical Queensland

The Museum of Tropical Queensland celebrates the history, archaeology and natural heritage of Queensland.

Fish Aquarium at Mercure Hotel Townsville

Tropical Travel Tours

Tropical Travel is your place to enquire and book for all tours and attractions in and around Townsville, Magnetic Island and beyond. Their dedicated team of travel and tour experts will be able to assist you to get the most out of your visit to the region